Society Box April 2018 (1)

Tobacco Selection

Plumcake by Mac Baren

Plumcake offers a satisfying mixture of flavors that produces a great smoke. The ripe Virginias are mild and citrusy and the black cavendish lends a nice sweetness. The Burley offers an earthy tone, and there’s just enough Cyprian Latakia to provide a smoky, woody taste. The sweet rum topping puts it over the top with a subtle sweetness. I see Plumcake as a really great crossover blend of English and aromatic.

Mellow Mixture by Orlik

This blend is quite mellow, as the name suggests, and gives off a sweet pastry like smell that is mouth watering. It is subtle at times but can also have an explosion of flavor in other puffs. I get a creamy taste of caramel, light chocolate & a fruity almost black cherry essence. The taste seems to change throughout yet maintains a mellow disposition if you keep to a slow sip.

Purple Cow by Cornell and Diehl

Another interesting blend for cigar lovers, Purple Cow offers a strong Maduro cigar leaf body. It’s supported by a cast of Burleys, bright Virginia ribbon and Latakia. The Burley provides strong earthy, nutty notes. A decent amount of Latakia lends some smokiness, and the Virginia a slight touch of sweetness.

Royalty by Davidoff

Royalty is a quality, traditional English blend. The Virginias and Orientals are the front runners delivering a good amount of sweetness and spice. The Latakia plays a good supporting role but stays in the background. Not a very complex blend, but all the components are extremely well balanced. This can definitely be a great all-day smoke.


Tobacco Notebook

These handy notebooks will be a great addition to your pipe kit. Record important notes about the blends you smoke. You can keep track of the characteristics of each blend, what kind of pipe you use and what you think of the blend. Slap a date on each page, and you’ll always remember the day you discovered your new favorite blend.