Tobacco Selections: May 2017

Tobacco Selections: May 2017

The time has finally come to announce the very first tobacco blend selections for The Tin Society. We are excited for our members to experience these blends, and also to post their thoughts and reactions on our private Facebook group.

Cult – Blood Red Moon

With this first selection we wanted to present our members with an aromatic blend that packs a big flavor punch. This  cherry blend comes highly reviewed. The tin note is strong, but the flavor comes across well when smoked. The cherry flavor is consistent all the way down the bowl, and hints of chocolate give it depth and creaminess. There is no bite, and it required minimal relights. This is a classic aromatic in the sense that the topping is heavily applied, so you may need to pack it looser so you don’t hinder the draw. This blend can also be a bit moist, so giving it a little time to dry out will help even more with re-lights, and bring out more of the flavor profile. Cult has done a great job with this one.


Cornell & Diehl – Father the Flame (Straight Up English)

Our non-aromatic selection is a bit more exclusive. Cornell and Diehl’s Father the Flame is a short run blend that has gotten many good reviews. The bright and red Virginias give a slightly sweet tangy-ness, and the Latakia lends its classic smoky, campfire flavor. A small amount of Burley makes it somewhat unusual for English blends, but it complements the other flavors and gives some strength. There is no topping added, and it provides a cool and consistent smoke. The moisture level out of the tin is spot on, so it requires almost no relights. Besides being a limited edition small batch blend, a first for Cornell and Deihl, this blend is also a promotion for the Father the Flame feature length documentary that explores the history, craft, and spirit of pipe smoking with quality pipe tobacco. A portion of the proceeds from this month’s selection will be going toward the production of the film. Check out the trailer below, and visit to learn more about this project. This year’s 2017 Chicago Pipe Show, will be featuring a “work in progress” screening available free for all attendees. 

We hope you enjoy this month’s selections, and we look forward to introducing you to more premium tobacco blends.

Happy smoking!

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  1. Wow, what a great selection for month one! I was very impressed with the tobaccos as well as the upscale service and and packaging. If you didn’t get in on this month’s selections, make sure to sign up for next month…You’ll be happy you did!

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